30 May 2015

Is there a right teacher for everyone?


Visit the school and watch a class. The teacher should be giving verbal and "hands-on" corrections; class should be disciplined. Do not choose a teacher because of location, price or convenience! Ease of car-pooling or allowing a child to be with her best friend in class are not reasons to choose either a teacher or a school. Improper training can result in malformed bones, improper muscle structure and career frustration. Ballet training is serious training, and it should be approached in a serious manner.

Finding the teacher isn't hard when you know what to look for. She or he should

  • Be an artist, first.
  • Have strong training fundamentals.
  • Have a well-disciplined approach to students.
  • Follow a carefully designed syllabus of instruction.

And you shouldn't stop here. Although there are many fine teachers who fit these requirements and who will train the child correctly, there are others who might do an even better job. These are the teachers who truly love their art and truly love their students... and fit all of the above characteristics!

You will know them by the way they hold their students' rapt attention, by the enthusiastic way they speak of their work and by the sensitive way they deliver their lessons. The right teacher is simply this: someone completely engrossed in teaching and the well-being of the students.

You can read more on the subject in "The Parents Book of Ballet", by A.Whitehill & W.Noble.

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